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The Biggest Saw
Over 3 metres 

I found this saw a rather large task, but, once completed, a stunner. This belongs to a local client, thus I was able to tread the grounds I would be painting in advance. This work involves a significant history of the property, which is often the way in bespoke works such as this.

Pit Saw​
2.3 metres

It's exciting to be given a saw like no other I'd handled (and only seen in the likes of historical pictures). I have a few at home in my collection now, but none with their handle. This painting is of my client's holiday home (if l remember correctly) in a lovely location. Thus, I suspect this sits in their home to remind them of the memories they have made there.

Dog Saw
2.2 metres

This was a beauty. I felt like l got to know the dogs in person. If I thought they all looked the same then, I certainly didn’t after the creation of this artwork. I was approached by the client with a simple idea of capturing a few dogs; however, this led to the start of an unprecedented and fascinating journey of working with the couple to capture a long history of prize-winning working dogs and their relationship with the family.  A lovely visual testament to the working dog industry.

Leary Saw
2 metres

I remember this one for the experience of being driven around their farm on their four-wheeler (at sometimes high speeds) over hills and down the dale. It was my "farm experience," over wonderful countryside. It is indeed beneficial for me to sight in person the land I'm painting from when possible, as this allows me to 'know ' the lay of the land that you often cant pick up from photos. 

2 metres

Like many of my works, this was created for a lovely couple with plenty of years behind them. They had lots of memories, so choosing suitable photos to create this from was a pleasure and the results, I thought, were a tribute to them both.

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