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Round Saws


This was a different challenge, which I was grateful to create. It required just chatting with myself and the family member whom wished me to create the surprise gift. The idea was to create paintings of the birds that her father particularly liked. This was the result.

River Play​

Belonging to Waikato family and just one of a group of artworks created for the family as gifts, each one was tailored to suit the family member it was being gifted to.

Birds by Julie Oliver
River Play by Julie Oliver
Haines by Julie Oliver

This one is most typical of what I'm asked to do, which is to bring many photos together to really, visually show his family life, and, well, things that perhaps mean the most to him. 

Waikato Farm

This was one of a number of large round saws the Waikato family commissioned me to paint for them. Location was their farm and we tailored the saws to each member of the family they were being gifted to.

Waikato Farm by Julie Oliver
South Island with Dog by Julie Oliver
South Island with Dog

I worked from photos just sent via email/Facebook and produced this piece. It was South Island scenery and his favourite dog. A nice surprise.

Farmer and Dogs by Julie Oliver
Farmer and Dogs

I went to this property which had a stunning location. I got the areas I felt I needed as the backdrop and then carried on using many photos to create the painting you see here. It was (as many are) a surprise gift for him.

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