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Rachels Mural.JPG
Rachel's Mural
120 x 140cm

This is one of two murals gracing the private outdoor BBQ area at this residency in Mangaweka. These types of works are commissioned by my clients to create an outdoor artwork to go to places such as on their wooden fence or, perhaps, within their outdoor entertaining areas.


They are created the same as any larger outdoor mural l would create, in a high-quality, long-life, exterior house paint. They are then given a spray-on protective coating with UV inhibitors to help preserve them against the elements even further.

Lands End Mural.JPG
Land's End 
120 x 55cm

Here is another mural , which was purchased by Sugar Plum Café in Marton. It is a mobile mural. purchased and hung at a private location.

3 x 19m

2015/2016 was the period undertaken to create this work. Both my client and myself took some time to get "happy" about the way this work was going, as it was forever 'growing' in ideas. We were of similar natures, in our fussy approach, so actually, as it progressed, it all went quite well.


Though it did take a long, long time in its creation -  all good things do. It holds a lovely position, being on a feature wall, that was created especially for this work. It's in a display shed holding vintage machinery and a real 'eye catcher."  We are all proud of this work.

3 x 7m

2014 was my introduction to this fabulous coastline. Meeting the locals was a treat. What a place - I highly recommend you visit. Apparently, I was lucky not to have the winds and it was a perfect week to create this work. The shed was being made into a home and is probably complete now inside. This work can be viewed through the large trees from the roadside.


Many people enjoy having a look I am told. This mural can be found by traveling along the ocean front (Mataikona Rd), pass the main village on your left then follow Mataikona Rd to the left. This will turn into Pack-spur Rd and, then, approximately  3.5 to 4 m further along, keep an eye out on your right and there, behind some large trees, it can be viewed.

Turakina Location
1.2 x 1.6m

Tui murals, one of two.

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