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Chevrolet Cars
1.4 metre

This was created (as with many of my works) to tell a story. This tale is about the cars that belonged to the owner of this artwork. A stunning example of the history that can be conveyed and passed down on a large single handled saw. 


Clydesdale Team
1 metre

One of my favourites. Similar images to this one have been requested a number of times and, I would say, you cant go past the classic imagery of a magnificent 'Clydey' team, especially with some stunning South Island scenery such as this (much of which was produced from my memories of the South).

Bullock Team
1 metre

This was one of the first saws completed. It is based on a classic, old photo that the family, for whom  l was creating it for, bought to me to consider rendering in paint. I like this one particularly because it suited the saw blade format well. The bullock team was a sight to be seen and well worth making into a painting. I also like the fact that the bulk of the work painted is in black and white, with just a touch of browny tone to warm a bit in selected areas.

1 metre

It's not hard to make the South Island look splendid. What I liked about this commissioned piece was that I had some great 'distance' images to work with. In doing so, l was able to make a small area look so much larger, with this type of composition on this lovely old classic saw blade. 

Coastal Scene
1 metre

The saws always suit a coastal scene given their narrow length. I believe it’s a nice combination to cover the land and the sea in one artwork if applicable.

1.2 metre

This saw was created as a gift for the son. I was presented with information on such things as: his favourite hunting areas, logos that related to milestones throughout his life, his favourite dogs, treasured football memories, and a letterbox that he had built as a young man.

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