Fine Art For Your Home

Watching Over by Julie Oliver
Watching Over
60 x 50cm

All the dogs from photos supplied. Oil/Pastel, non-reflective glass with frame.




Geo by Julie Oliver
80 x 120cm

These two (Ella and Geo) were created in different years so as to have them portrayed of similar ages. Simply beautiful girls.

Ella Julie Oliver
80 x 120cm

These two (Ella and Geo) were created in different years so as to have them portrayed of similar ages. Simply beautiful girls.

Art in the Afternoon by Julie Oliver
Art in the Afternoon
68 x 80cm

This painting was one from my studio created for me to enjoy and to sell on. It sold to a Christchurch buyer and is still enjoyed today.

Auckland Croquet by Julie Oliver
Auckland Croquet
68 x 80cm

Like the Art in the Afternoon, I do love the romance of yesteryear, so I had wanted to paint something like this for years. I ended up working on it for some time as I laboured over how I could do things better (and that's the norm for me). I had come across a small black and white pic in an old magazine and that was where I grew this artwork from. I left that small pic 1/4 of the way through adding my own take on things; however, the outfits are closely based as they were in the original image.

Ruapehu by Julie Oliver
130 x 50cm

I had taken a photo on one of my many drives back to the Waikato. In the right light, I knew it deserved a painting. It was a little more challenging than I'd first thought, but eventually, I became happy with it. To date, one of my favourite pieces.

Erewhon View by Julie Oliver
Erewhon View
96 x 64cm

Being inspired some years ago as my husband introduced me to this part of the country, I felt I'd return to take it in some more. (A most inspiring landscape up there, with each season bringing its
own form of distinct beauty.) Heading from Taihape east on Taihape/ Napier Road in the Erewhon station areas is where this was created from.

Colour and Space by Julie Oliver
Colour and Space
60 x 80cm

Born and bred in Australia, it brings me great satisfaction to revisit the arid areas and the Australian reds and golds, which I find are simply opposed to the general colouring here.

Chestnut Kai by Julie Oliver
Chestnut Kai
60 x 70cm

This acrylic work was painted a few years ago as a commissioned piece to be gifted. The subject matter is a favourite of mine: The Kaimanawa wild horses. For these canvas works, after permission is granted, I am able to reference fine detail where needed and then l can 'do my thing.'


Initially, I will work the painting as a watercolour and then build accordingly. I will use reference horse pics for detail on paintings such as this and I am indeed thankful for the exceptional photographs from Kelly Wilson Photography.

Grey Boy Wild and Free by Julie Oliver
Grey Boy Wild and Free
80 x 80cm

This was adapted from an exceptional photo that told a story of a magnificent, lean, older, wild stallion in the Kaimanawa ranges (which I am fortunate to have visited). Again, thanks to Kimber's permission, off I went. This lovely painting was sold in 2017. 

Tuis and Ribbons by Julie Oliver
Tuis and Teal by Julie Oliver
Tuis and Teal
40 x 76cm


Tuis and Ribbons
86 x 30cm

This artwork was a turning point, with my art and a journey winding up. 



Taranaki Hues by Julie Oliver
Taranaki Hues
70 x 60cm

Oil/Pastel, non-reflective glass with frame.




After the Race by Julie Oliver
After the Race
54 x 68cm

Oil/Pastel, non-reflective glass with frame.




The Space Between by Julie Oliver
The Space Between
36 x 130cm





The Way In by Julie Oliver
The Way In
60 x 90cm